Have known them for a while,
A couple, that always greets with a smile
Their friendship is a treasure in Brunei.
The lovely Doctors, Rani and Sanjay.

He is as cool as cucumber.
She is as quick as mercury.
When she says – it’s time already
He says – darlin’ there’s no hurry.

She consults, she paints, she cooks yummy curries.
He cautions to go slow on hurry, curry and worries.
Together though, they have a wonderful pact.
As they say, opposites attract.

He sees through your troubles,
Until they burst away like bubbles.
She sees that you are good.
And feeds you homemade food.
In their world, caring never ends.
They are always there for family and friends.

On their wedding anniversary today,
We wish them a Fantabulos Day!
May there be many joyous 17th of May
For our dear Doctors, Rani and Sanjay.

Pooja Shivanand