We had the golden opportunity to gaze at the Supermoon and soak in the moonlit night, when a group of friends from Bandar decided to drive across the magnificent sea-crossing bridge to the beautiful exclave of Temburong, in order to witness a rare astronomical phenomenon of total lunar eclipse coinciding with the nearest proximity of the full moon to the Earth, thus resulting in the spectacular Supermoon.

The vibrant moon gradually ebbed through the earth’s shadow (Umbra), illuminating the vast expanse of night and offering incredible images.

The Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam (PABD) in collaboration with Temburong District Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Astronomical Club of IGS College had organized the Total Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon observation for the public.

Telescope viewing of supermoon from observation site at Pekan Bangar, Temburong District, Brunei. PC: Rahul Breh

It was indeed a sight to behold, with the two celestial events of total lunar eclipse and supermoon coinciding in the crystal clear skies of Brunei.