In my thoughts, you were always there.

In my dreams, I have hugged you with care.

In May last year,

on the bright Morning of fifth,

you were born, my dear,

bringing my life’s most precious gift.

Your father shed tears of joy,

hearing your first cry, my little boy.

His happiness knew no bounds,

your first sight was so profound!

Your grandparents were ecstatic,

seeing your twinkling eyes full of magic.

They were all enthusiastic,

to welcome their grandson, Kanishk.

As I held you in my arms, my Son,

I knew, a new journey had begun.

I felt so strong like never before.

Becoming your mother, I am so much more!

Today, as you turn ONE, my Son,

I wish you a life of laughter, joy and fun.

Grow up fearless. Be bold.

Be kind, with a heart of gold.

Be brave, to let your dreams unfold.

Make new stories that haven’t been told.

I will be there, as you prepare.

I’ll cheer loud, as you fly and fare.

My Appu, you have answered many prayers.

I will always love you. I will always care.

Pooja Shivanand