‘A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.’

I realized the saying on my first visit to the iconic Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona in USA. This geological marvel has been persistently carved by the mighty Colorado River and its tributaries through layer after layer of colorful rock strata. My husband and I  had the opportunity to visit this spectacular natural wonder on a crisp July summer in 2019, the year the magnificent Canyon turned a 100 years. In February1919, this Arizona canyon was designated as Grand Canyon National Park. In 1979, UNESCO designated the Grand Canyon a World Heritage Site.

Boarding the best seat, we are all set for the heli-ride.

We took this unforgettable heli-tour of Sundance, Las Vegas. Sundance picked us up in a limo at our hotel, The Cosmopolitan, and dropped us back after the tour. Total time away was about four hours. We had to bring original booking docs and government photo ID as required at the Sundance office prior to departure. At the office, we were given safety briefing via hand outs, video and by the pilot himself.  It is recommended to use the washroom prior to boarding the heli, as there are no facilities on this tour until return to the airport office in 2-2.5 hours. There were six passengers and the pilot. We had the front seat next to the pilot and the ride was smooth and safe. Our pilot detailed the highlights during the heli-ride both ways, as we wore headsets to listen and speak with filler music. We flew over and around the Hoover Dam. We marveled the grandeur of the Canyon which is about a mile deep, up to 18-miles wide and almost 300 miles long.

Breathtaking views of the shimmering limestones and sandstones and the beautiful Colorado river, evoking great fantasy and delight.

We flew over Lake Mead and landed in the fascinating landscape of the Grand Canyon. It felt meditative as we stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon gazing at layer upon layer of rock. It was quite breezy and as the light wind splashed across our faces, we felt a renewed vigor and sense of surrender to the mighty nature ahead of us. We had time to take several pictures of the iconic landscape.

Soaking in the greatness of this gorgeous landscape.
Posing at the viewpoint.

At the helicopter landing area of the Canyon is a shelter place, where we were treated to a picnic lunch of pasta salad, sub, fruit and cookies, with drink and water. 

Rest and lunch break at the shelter place.

After a brief refreshment and surreal feeling, we boarded the helicopter for the return journey over the Canyon.

Last few pics before we boarded for the return journey.

On the way back, the pilot flew us over the Vegas strip which was quite amazing as we spotted the Strat, Trump tower, MGM, Mandalay Bay among others.

View of the Vegas strip on our way back.

The heli-tour to the Grand Canyon was a journey worth taking because of its magnificent structure, scientific value and awe-inspiring beauty. We hope to visit this geological glory once more.